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Can the Cubs Reach 90 Wins?

By Jordan DuPont
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With their win against the Brewers on Tuesday, the Cubs hit the 70 win mark on the season, certainly much sooner than many of us were expecting when they were struggling in the early part of the season.  With 30 games left in the season, I’ll do a preview of how I see the rest of the year playing out. They currently sit at 71 wins. Let’s see if we can get them to 90.

9/1-9/3: @ Reds

This four game series still holds huge wild card implications.  When the Reds visited Wrigley last, the Cubs took two of three.  I could see this safely being a split series with the potential for the Cubs to take three of four if Jordan Wicks can pitch like he did in his debut.  I’ll plays it safe for now and give the Cubs a split and walking out of Cincy with 73 wins.

9/4-9/6: Giants

This series also has huge wild card implications, as the Giants are currently occupying the final NL playoff spot.  However, they have been scuffling of late and are 5-5 in their last ten games.  Couple that with the Cubs being at home for this series, and I can see the Cubs taking the overall win.  My prediction, Cubs take 2 of 3 to get to 75 wins.

9/7-9/9: Diamondbacks

Once the Giants leave town, the team .5 game back in the wild card standings comes to Wrigley.  They’re stacked with young talent, like pitcher Zac Gallen and outfielder Corbin Carroll, and have won 7 of their last 10 as of this writing.  However, I think with the momentum the Cubs have built up and the dominance of our starting rotation and bullpen, we leave this series with 77 wins after taking 2 of 3 at home.

9/11-9/13: @ Rockies

I’m going to go bold on this one.  The Rockies have been struggling all year long and currently have the worst record in the National League.  Cubs sweep, 80 wins.

9/15-9/17: @ Diamondbacks

I think being in their home ballpark will help the DBacks this time around.  I see the Cubs taking game one (Nick and I will be there!), but losing the last two games in the series.  The Cubs leave the Valley of the Sun at 81 wins.

9/19-9/21: @ Pirates

This should be a nice bounce-back series.  The Pirates and Cardinals have been fighting for the last month over who wants to finish last in the central.  Additionally, the Cubs are 9-1 against the Pirates this year.  Add two more wins to the total, the Cubs will be sitting at 83.

9/22-9/24: Rockies

I’ll keep this brief; Cubs at home against the worst team in the National League with two series left in the season.  Cubs sweep, 86 wins.

9/26-9/28: @ Braves

From a homestand against the worst team in the NL to a road trip against the best, this series will be a challenge.  The Braves have a great pitching staff and a talented batting lineup.  We won two of three at home when we played them earlier and I see them doing the same to us.  The Cubs leave Atlanta with 87 wins.

9/29-10/1: @ Brewers

This final series of the year is sure to have major playoff implications.  I can certainly see the NL Central title coming down to game 162 with how both of these teams have been playing of late.  With how well Cubs fans travel and how talented the team is, I can see the Cubs taking two of three in Milwaukee.  Final win total, 89.


So, I don’t quite see the Cubs hitting the 90 win threshold, but I certainly see them making a playoff push.  They’ve shown an ability to beat teams better than them and destroy teams worse than them.  Hopefully, the trend continues and they prove me wrong with even more wins.