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2023 Bear Season Preview

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With Week 1 of the 2023 NFL Season less than a week away, the guys preview the Bears 2023 season and offer their predictions ahead of their matchup against the Packers.

1. The Bears have never had a QB throw for over 4000 yards. Eric Kramer is the closest with 3838. Does JF finally break the curse?

Teige: I’ve been going back and forth with this ever since I even conceived the question. On one hand, this is the best the offense looks on paper in maybe a decade. On the other hand, it’s the Bears. Honestly, I could see us winning a lot more this year just from running the ball a million times. It’s the modern NFL, but I can’t help but worry the Bears are stuck in 1965. I’ll be the contrarian and say no, but boy howdy I hope he throws for 7000 yards.

Nick: Fields showed significant improvement last year with pretty much zero help. If he can’t do it this year with a true WR1 in DJ Moore and an improved offensive line, I don’t think it ever will. So yes.

Jordan: Yes. We finally have a trio of capable wide receivers and Fields is in his second year of the system.

Andrew:  Yes. If Fields can’t break 4000 yards in a 17 game schedule with these weapons, then he either got hurt or we may have questions about his long-term outlook as the team’s franchise quarterback. He has the pieces around him, now it’s all about producing.


2. Eddie Jackson recorded the first interception last year in the rain bowl with SF. Who do you think records the first INT this year?

Teige: Kyler Gordon. Kyler-Man slings webs from his hands a la Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man to pick off Jordan Love 10 times on Sunday. Realistic? No, but fun? Yes. In all honesty though, he’s my pick.

Nick:  Jaquan Brisker. Jordan Love tries to take a deep shot on 2nd and short to Christian Watson at some point in the 2nd Quarter Week 1. That’s when it happens. You heard it here first.

Jordan: Wild card: Tyrique Stevenson. Shown some good ball hawking ability in the preseason and since he’s a rookie, I think he’ll be targeted frequently early in the year.

Andrew: I’m gonna go outside the box and say that T.J. Edwards is the first Bears player with an interception this year. Call it a gut feeling.

3. Last year we only recorded 20 sacks. Our sack leader was Jaquan Brisker (A ROOKIE SAFETY) with 4. Who do you think leads the team in sacks this year?

Teige: Ngakoue, because like who else honestly lol.

Nick: Ngakoue. No one else can rush the passer on this damn team.

Jordan: Surprise, Ngakoue.

Andrew: Ngakoue by default cause the rest of this group is doo doo.

4. The last time the Bears had a receiver get over 1000 yards receiving was Allen Robinson in 2020. The last time we’ve had a receiver duo both have over 1000 was 2013 with Jeffrey and Marshall. Do we get a duo again this year?

Teige: No. We’re the Bears. We don’t get nice things.

Nick:  I think DJ Moore will pretty comfortably clear the 1000 yard mark, so it really comes down to whether or not Mooney or Claypool clear it too. I think Mooney has a better shot between the two if he stays healthy. I’ll be optimistic and say he does. So yes.

Jordan: No, DJ will get it, Claypool will get close but fall short.

Andrew: No, I expect Fields to lock on to Moore quite often this year and spread the ball around to his other targets.

5. Last year, Dante Pettis, future gym coach, caught the first TD pass of the season. Who do you think gets it this year?

Teige: Lewis because I can think of nothing funnier than JF getting all of these new toys this year only to have the 39 year old backup blocking TE get it.

Nick: Cole Kmet. Just to rub it in Andrew’s face.

Jordan: Kmet, he’s a great red zone target.

Andrew: DJ Moore probably on a crazy run after catch play.

6. The Bears had 0 players on the Pro Bowl roster last year, the first time since the 2017-2018 season. The next season we had 5 Pro Bowlers. Give me 3 guys you think could be in PB contention not named Justin Fields.

Teige: JJ, Brisker, Moore

Nick: DJ Moore, Eddie Jackson, Cairo Santos.

Jordan: Eddie Jackson, DJ, and Tremaine Edmunds

Andrew: Moore, Fields, Edmunds (Editor’s note, Andrew didn’t read the question but I wanna get this up before the season starts so you only get two)

7. Final Record Prediction?

Teige: 7-10

Nick: 9-8

Jordan: 9-8

Andrew: 8-9

8. Stole this idea from Max Markham (@MaxMarkhamNFL). If the Bears had the opportunity to draft Caleb Williams, what would Fields have to do this year to make the Bears trade the pick again?

Teige: To me it’s not really the statline, but the development. Does he look awful this year? Does he, heaven forbid, regress? I think Poles could give a damn about stats as long as Fields shows improvement and continues to show that he is the guy.

Nick: If the choice is Fields on a big extension or Williams on a rookie deal, assuming Poles is as high on Williams as everyone else is, I think Fields would have to establish himself as a Top 10 QB in the league to earn an extension. Maybe top 15 but that’s iffy. It would be very difficult to pass up Caleb Williams on a rookie deal, so Fields would have to prove beyond any doubt he’s the guy to earn an extension.

Jordan: He’d have to get us to the playoffs and have a pro bowl caliber year, break the 4000 yard barrier, and establish himself as a top 10 QB at a minimum.

Andrew: Williams is a special talent that would be difficult to pass up. Fields needs to solidify his spot with a special season and make massive improvements as a passer.

Bonus Question: Tom Brady gets so fed up watching the Raiders that he goes, "F*** it I’ll do it myself", comes out of retirement, and uses his devil magic to lead the Raiders to the SB. Does this happen before or under Week 9?

Teige: Before. I’m smashing the under like an Iowa game.

Nick: It doesn’t happen.

Jordan: See Nick’s answer.

Andrew: Nah.