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A Formal Apology to Ian Happ

By Jordan DuPont
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Ian Happ, I owe you a big apology.

Two weeks ago, I questioned your hitting ability and said you should be removed from the 3 hole.  Well, I’m not sure if you read my blog, but boy did you prove me wrong.

Over his last six games, Happ has been hitting 7/22 (.318) and raised his OPS to .789.  Additionally, he had a 10 game hitting streak stretching from the last game of the Detroit series until the second game against Cincinnati. 

Clearly, Happ is not a problem batting third in this lineup.  The Cubs have been on a tear of late, posting the second most series wins in the MLB since the all-star break.  All in all, I was wrong about Happ, and I couldn’t be happier to admit it.