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Updated Bears Predictions

By Jordan DuPont
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 After the Bears’ abysmal week one performance against the Packers, I thought I’d go back and update my record prediction from our episode a few weeks ago.  9-8 just doesn’t seem feasible anymore.  So sit back and try to relax, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.

Week 2: Buccaneers

Baker Mayfield led the Bucs to a 20-17 win over the Vikings on Sunday, throwing two TDs and no picks.  The jury’s still out on how well that team will be, but with our defense, I think he’ll look like an MVP candidate.  Bucs 28, Bears 17

Week 3: Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes.  No pash rush.  Need I say more?  Chiefs 45, Bears 20

Week 4: Broncos

The Broncos lost week 1 to the Raiders 17-16.  It remains to be seen if Russ can get his act together with Sean Payton and turn this team into a contender.  Still, the Bears can’t generate a pass rush.  Broncos 21, Bears 17

Week 5: Commanders

This one I can see going the Bears’ way.  Sam Howell is unproven and the Commanders barely eked out a win against a Cardinals team starting a backup QB with Kyler Murray injured and under a new coaching staff.  Bears 28, Commanders 20

Week 6: Vikings

This game is not in prime time, so Kirk Cousins is likely to show up.  If we still can’t generate a pass rush, Justin Jefferson is going to run rough-shod all over the field.  Vikings 38, Bears 28

Week 7: Raiders

With Derek Carr leaving, Jimmy Garappolo had an opportunity to pair up with old friend Josh McDaniels.  Even with that connection, the Raiders were barely able to eke out a win in week 1 over the Broncos.  Still, seven weeks is a long time to get a handle on the system and the team.  Raiders 21, Bears 17

Week 8: Chargers

Five words: Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler.  Chargers 38, Bears 28

Week 9: Saints

On the flip side of Jimmy G going to the Raiders, Derek Carr now heads the New Orleans Saints offense.  Carr is a talented quarterback and by week 9 should have a grasp on how this team needs to operate.  Saints 28, Bears 24

Week 10: Panthers


The team we traded the number 1 overall pick to in order to acquire DJ Moore.  Under a rookie quarterback, this should be a favorable matchup.  Panthers 17, Bears 24

Week 11: Lions

This game’s in Detroit and Jared Goff still looks great throwing the ball to Amon-Ra St. Brown.  Couple that with Aidan Hutchinson on the Lions’ D-Line, this is gonna be tough to watch.  Lions 35, Bears 24

Week 12: Vikings (2)

I know I made a joke about prime-time Kirk in the first meeting, and this game is in prime-time, but it’s also at US Bank Stadium.  Vikings 28, Bears 24

Week 13: BYE

If there was a way to lose, I’m sure we’d find it.

Week 14: Lions (2)

By this point, I think the Lions are showing that they deserve first place in the North.  I’ll make it a bit closer since it’s at Soldier Field.  Lions 24, Bears 21

Week 15: Browns

DeShaun Watson showed he can still play quarterback by defeating Joe Burrow and the Bengals in week 1.  Myles Garrett is as good as ever on the Browns D-Line.  I see this being a tough matchup.  Browns 35, Bears 24

Week 16: Cardinals

Kyler should have been able to return by this point, but I think the Cardinals are so far out of contention that they leave Josh Dobbs in.  Cardinals 14, Bears 28

Week 17: Falcons

This is another team still rebuilding.  The season could go either way for the Falcons behind Desmond Ridder, but I see this being a close game.  Falcons 28, Bears 31

Week 18: Packers

It’s in Lambeau.  Packers 35, Bears 24 as the Bears finish the season 3-14

I get it, “Jordan, it was one game, you’re overreacting.”  Normally, I’d agree with you.  However, it seems like we currently have a coaching staff that is trying to turn JF1 into something he’s not: a conservative pocket passer.  It wasn’t until (roughly) week 5 last season that the game plan changed and they let Fields just play football.

Additionally, much was made about the offseason additions on a defense that looked about as useful as wet paper in stopping the run, the offensive line looked just as bad as it did last year, and our guy we traded the #1 pick for had 2 catches all game.  Unless a turnaround happens quickly, we’re gonna have a top three pick in next year’s draft and I’m gonna be miserable every Sunday until January.