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Teige's Top Music of 2023

By Teige Mullin

Our Complete 180s are taking a sabbatical. For how long? Well, let’s just say you can put the same amount of faith in them coming back as you would the Bears’ SB chances. Anyways, I had a 180 cooked up that was going to rank all of the music from this past year that I liked. So, since I can’t do it on air, I’ll just make a humorous blog about it. This works out anyway because now I can expand it. 

I will be splitting this up into 2 sections. The first being singles and EPs from bands that didn’t release the full album yet, and the second will be albums. For example, even though Blink-182 released a bunch of singles this year they all made it to the album so that’ll just go on the album side. The singles section will be a lot shorter *Hey future Teige here. Yeah no, I made it way longer lol. It’s the cheesy garlic bread appetizer to the deep dish main course. Yeah, you’re gonna feel fat about it either way so you may enjoy both. Anyways, let’s start with Singles and EPs.

Singles and EPs

6. "Look Ma, No Brains" - Green Day (double single)

 Green Day is uh, Green Day man. I don’t know, they just sound so uninspired and bored these days. Like literally, they sound like they’re bored to play these days. This double single also features “The American Dream is Killing Me” and I’m just so underwhelmed by these songs. It’s so painfully obvious the moment they try something new and it fails (Father of all, that awful trilogy) they just fall back on the American Idiot formula. The problem is, that formula is archaic and boring. Rather, Green Day just makes it redundant and boring. Billie, we need something new, baby, and fast. When the album drops in January 2024, I’ll probably write about it, too. I get it, they’re 50. They made 2 insanely massive albums that were literally game changers both times, but the game has changed and they refuse to adjust. Wow, I got ranty. It’s a good thing this is a blog and not a 180.

5. "Now and Then" - The Beatles

This was kind of a cool, out of left field addition from Paul and Ringo. For those who don’t know, the song was a Lennon demo from the late 70’s that Yoko gave to Paul in the 90’s, and planned to use some years ago as a release but then shelved it (George didn’t like it yadda yadda let’s fast forward). Anyways, this song is fine. It’s a nice little ballad. It’s bookended with “Love Me Do” to show their “last single” with their first one. I don’t know, it’s good. What do you want from me?

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4. "Landmine" - Sum 41

It’s fun. They’re gonna release a double album as a farewell. It’ll be half pop punk half metal. It’s fun, we’re having fun.

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3. "It Won't Be Like This Forever" - Neck Deep EP

Oh boy so many pop punk EPs and singles. This was a fun one. I’m excited for the next album.  Next.

Editor’s Note: I could not find a picture of Neck Deep on Getty, so here’s a picture of OUR neck Jack Sanborn absolutely crushing Jared Goof. He’s sure neck deep in it here, eh? eh? Jokes. Back to Teige.

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2. “How to Live with yourself/Smokescreen”-PUP

God, I love this band. You should too. Hurry up and make an album, enough of the EPs. I need more! I wanna see them live again, they were insane.

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1. "Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs" - Alkaline Trio

I am so glad to see Matt Skiba hit the ground running with his first, and now only band, Alkaline Trio after Tom came back to Blink-182, kicking him out. This has all the makings of a classic Alkaline Trio song. It’s not Good Mourning, good just yet, but it’s real good, and I’m excited to see them back. Oh yeah, if you ever meet a girl who’s a big fan of Alkaline Trio, run. Idk how to explain that more to you, dude or dudette, just run. Have a nice date or two with them, then politely, but firmly, end it.

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7. "Adderall" - Slipknot

3/10: This album is boring. Slipknot really turned into butt rock didn’t they? Shame. That’s all I got about this. I listened to it once, it sucked. Sue me.

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6. "The Brightest Days" - Origami Angel

7/10: I don’t think this album is bad, but at just 22 minutes I think it leaves some to be desired. This duo can play anything they want, and it just seems like a weird knee jerk reaction to make this album after they made a double album and a couple of short EPs. They call it a “mixtape” which always seems cop out-y to me. “Second best friend” is an absolute BANGER though. If you want emo math core, these are your boys, but maybe not this particular album.

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5. "Losing What We Love" - Knuckle Puck

7.5/10: They went backwards. THAT’S A GOOD THING. I hated the second half of Shapeshifter and the entirety of 20/20. This album felt like their 2014 stuff. They’re a very basic 2010’s PopPunk band. I don’t want new stuff, I want what they’re good at. They went back to that with this.

Editor’s Note: I couldn’t find a picture of Knuckle Puck on Getty Images so I took this opportunity to put in a picture of Blackhawks rookie phenom Connor Bedard because the band name has “puck” in it and, let’s face it, Connor Bedard’s name in here a couple of times will help boost this visibility in search engine and lord knows this podcast needs it. Anyway, back to Teige.

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4. "Guts" - Olivia Rodrigo

8/10: What? It’s catchy. I like it. You can too. It’s okay fellas, your masculinity isn’t going to vanish.

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3. "So Much (For) Stardust" - Fall Out Boy

9/10: YES BABY THE BOYS ARE BACK TO FORM! In HS, my dear friend Ryan Kowalski said he didn’t think FOB would ever go back to their pop punk sound. WELL THEY DID RYAN! IT TOOK 10 YEARS BUT I WAS RIGHT! THEY DID IT! SUCK IT! WHOOOOOOOOO!

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2. "Life is But a Dream..." - Avenged Sevenfold

9.5/10: Dude, I was blown away by this album. Avenged Sevenfold choosing to go the prog metal route was their best decision since the self-titled album. This album rocks. If you haven’t listened to it you’re wrong. If you don’t like it, you’re wrong.

Editor’s Note: Aight I’ve stayed quiet and let Teige have his piece until now, but metal is MY territory so you know what, you invited this. Ignore the fact that I didn’t intervene on the Slipknot entry earlier. This album isn’t bad but it’s weird as all hell. A7X started going in a proggy direction on The Stage which I liked a lot but I think they went a lil off the deep end here. Credit for being bold but that’s the best I can say. Also, Omens by Lamb of God and 72 Seasons by Metallica both crush this album. And the rest of these. *deep breath* back to Teige.

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1. "ONE MORE TIME..." - Blink-182

11/10: It’s perfect. Shut up. No slander allowed. All tracks are touched by God. No bias here, no sir.

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I have one final album that’s even better than Blink’s.


Well, I just can’t deny greatness. This album is the pinnacle of music creation.



Dark Side of the Moo–hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I’m sorry no I can’t type that with a straight face. That album was pure poop. -100/10. You money grubber you.

Anyways, that’ll do it. I probably missed something, but whatever. This isn’t a dissertation here. Later, dudes.